A-Z of cosmetics and skincare products for women and men

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The Beauty Queen, by Jodie Foster, was adapted from the British play by the same name and is available in the US and UK as Beauty Queen.

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Feminism is a thing, but so is misogyny. 

The hashtag is trending on Twitter, with #feminismisnotjusta word, but a hashtag. 

And this tweet, by @matthewyork, is a bit more specific. 

Maggie writes about a new cosmetics brand called Fiera Cosmetics, which says it “provides the highest quality cosmetics and body care products for men and women” but, in reality, it is a brand of cosmetic products that is marketed to women and marketed to men, and has become a source of controversy. 

@matthewsyork  “Fiera Cosmeses products are made to be worn and enjoyed, not to be used as a tool to harass, intimidate or bully people of any gender.

Fiera has a commitment to equality and to creating an environment in which people feel comfortable and welcome in our company.” 

Fiera’s Twitter bio reads: “The company creates innovative, innovative beauty products for a range of skin types including, but not limited to: oily, sensitive, acne prone, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, dry and sensitive eye, sensitive skin and sensitive lips.

Our products are formulated to treat conditions including: psoriasis, eczema, acne, psorca, acne scars, ecchymosis, eczi-inflammation, psoriatic arthritis, acne-related skin and dry skin.” 

 But @natt_sir says:  “It’s not feminism, it’s misogyny.

It’s a sexist thing to say.” 

@MaggiesCatch is a feminist blogger who also uses the hashtag #fieracosmetics.

She wrote about the brand on her blog: It’s just the word. 

What does #firaisecosmetics have to do with feminism? 

@tristanfitzgibbs: I’m not a feminist but #firiacecosmetics does sound like a good name to me.

 @fiera_cosmetics: @TristanFitzgabbs that’s a good point. 

How do I tell if Fiera is a good brand? 

A lot of the backlash to the brand has focused on how it was marketed to girls and women, rather than the product itself. 

#firaicecosmetics has a Facebook page that has over 5,000 followers.

The hashtag has also been used to highlight the company’s sexist marketing, with some saying the company is selling products that “make women feel like they need to be constantly covered up”. 

I don’t like #fieriacecosmetic. 

If I’m buying a cosmetic, it might make me feel like I’m having to cover myself up. 

But it’s not the brand’s intention.

@MaddieCatch: The company has not been doing this in any way, shape or form for a very long time.

We’ve made a few changes over the years, and the word #firacosmetics has always been a hashtag for us.

But we’ve never marketed it in a way that’s sexist or makes us feel like we’re being harassed or bullied. 

In fact, we’ve made our brand better for women, not worse. 

For more information on #fierycosmetics and its creators, please visit the Fiery Cosmetics Facebook page.

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