How to treat a nasty winter break

The cold snap in January has been brutal for the U.S. basketball team, and a number of players are suffering from it.

But, for some, the long winter break has brought an opportunity to stretch their muscles.

The U.K. men’s and women’s national teams have been battling injuries as well, as their players have been forced to work longer in their workouts. 

A number of U.N. officials have come to the United States to see how athletes are doing, and have offered advice on how to deal with the cold.

One of the more helpful suggestions came from the U,K.’s Olympic director, Nick Ames.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be a major challenge, but the Olympics are a lot more physically demanding than the World Cup,” Ames said.

But the U’s players will have to be patient, and try to get a bit of time off during the break to acclimate.

The U’s basketball team is on a five-game road trip to play Mexico in Houston on Tuesday night.

With the U-23s out of action, the team is focusing on training with some of its former U-20 and U-21 players to prepare for a potentially tougher game.

“We’re working with our coaches to make sure that we’re able to put on as much muscle as we possibly can during the off-season,” U-18 forward Tyler Zeller said.

“We’re doing our conditioning, and we’re getting back into it.”

I feel like I’ve got a good amount of muscle, and I’m able to lift weights a little bit,” Zeller added.

While some U.T. players have not been able to work out with the U national team during the cold, Zeller believes the players are getting the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to practice with the rest of the team.”

It’s really good to have a little more practice time with your teammates and get some practice reps, and see what it feels like, and how they react to the intensity of the workouts,” Zeller said.