Naked cosmetics company ioni launches new line  with new name and logo

The newest brand of Naked cosmetics company Ioni is going by the name  Ioni.

The name will appear on the company’s website, in its new line of beauty products, and online store as well.

Ioni has been launching new line after new line, including the   Beauty of the Dead and the  Breath of the Living.

The Breathe of the Living is for men and the Bare Skin is for women.

Ioni is the latest addition to a growing collection of brands that have been gaining popularity in the beauty world, including Sephora, Urban Decay, MAC, L’Oreal, and NARS.

Ioni has launched several new products, including  the  Frozen Creams,  Truffles, and  the    Raspberry Lemonade.

It’s launching in the U.S. in June and Canada in July.