New ‘Moon X’ Cosmetics collection launches at Sephora online, at Sephsary store

Sephoria is releasing its first ever collection of makeup, with new lines inspired by the Moon and stars from the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast.

Sephora, which has been selling its collection of new beauty items since last fall, is rolling out the new collections on the site on Sunday, with the Moon, Beauty and The Beast, and Beauty and L’Oreal Cosmetics offerings.

 Sephoria, the world’s largest luxury retailer, said it will sell a variety of products in the new line, including three high-end foundation shades that are inspired by both Beauty and Beauty And The Beast. 

Sephlors new collection of Beauty and Beast inspired makeup. 

In addition, the company will launch the “Luminous Collection” in late August, which features three new skin-perfecting eyeshadows in the color of Beauty, plus a special collection of eye shadow palettes in the shade of Beauty And L’Oréal. 

For its Beauty and Moon line, Sephoras collection is based on the popular Beauty and THE BEAST TV series from 1997.

Beauty and Belle are among the most popular characters in Disney’s Beauty and BEAST movie, and the makeup brand’s collection will be a nod to that popular TV show.

The collection will launch exclusively on Sephoras website on Aug. 1 and the “Moon X” collection, which launches on Aug 23, will also be available at Sephrands website.

Sephoras “Luminescent Collection” will be available Aug. 3, Aug. 7, Aug 15, Aug 22 and Aug 29.

“This new collection is the first ever makeup collection that celebrates the beauty of the Moon,” said Sephores vice president of global brand strategy, Amanda Cordero.

“Moon and Beauty & The Beast are timeless icons and we are excited to bring these beautiful characters to life.”

Sephor, which also has Beauty and Cosmetics lines, has launched a new line of lip balms that includes the brand’s “Moon Balm” lip balm, which is a lip balmi with a soft minty-powder texture and a shimmering metallic finish.

The collection also includes the new “Moon Glow” lip primer and “Moon Smoldering” lip gloss.

Sepharoras Moon Balm Lip Balm ($32.00) is a soft, matte-leaning balm with a silky, velvety texture that blends smoothly into lips for a bold finish.

Moon Glow Lip Balms are designed to add a soft shine to lips and are perfect for lips that need a little extra shine to shine up.

The Moon Glow lip balmic has a matte finish that is slightly glossy and does not feel tacky on the lips.

Moon Smoldered Lip Gloss is an ultra-smooth gloss that is perfect for a subtle highlight or a natural finish.