“Salerm Cosmetics” launches free cosmetic testing


(AP) “Salem Cosmetics,” a cosmetics line with Josie Maran and her husband, has a new look for its fall campaign.

The line has expanded to a dozen locations in 10 states, including New York City.

“Salem is the new makeup city,” said Sarah Tannenbaum, a product manager for the brand.

“We’re so excited to share this with our fans and our customers.”

The line includes four new products: one in-shower moisturizer, one in the shower gel, two in the creams, and one in a facial cleanser.

There are no new skincare lines on the shelves.

It’s the first time that a brand has added a free-of-charge cosmetic testing program to its lines, said Tannensbaum, who co-founded the company in 2009.

The brand has about 100 employees and operates with a small team of about 10 people.

It plans to open new locations in Oregon, California, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas over the next few months.

It is one of the first cosmetic brands to add the program.

Tannenba said her family owns the brand and has been using it for about three years.

She said she’s thrilled to see the new look.

“It’s just so exciting to see that people who love the brand can get this free testing to make sure they are getting the best product possible,” Tannenburg said.

The free-testing program is offered in a variety of ways.

One is that shoppers can test at the brand’s store, which will accept cash or credit cards.

A second option is to get a prescription for the salerm facial scrub, which is available at other cosmetic stores.

A third option is for people to get the salem cosmetics eye cream in the mail.

The Salerm cosmetics line has a wide range of skincares and skincampessages.

There’s a salerm eye cream, a salem face mask, a bar of salerm lip gloss, and a salemy hair care line.

The brand is selling a full line of salem facial masks, which are available at a discount.

Tanna said the brand has been testing its products in more than 100 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

The salerm face mask is the first salerm cosmetic.TANNENBAUM / SALESTAREM, OregonThe brand’s other salerm makeup line is called the “Salm-Mate” collection, and it includes an eye mask, facial cream, and salerm hair care.

Tanne said the product line will be expanded soon to include salerm skincARE products, which can be used to treat and reduce skin aging and breakouts.TANNE / SALESMARINE CITY, UtahA Salerm beauty line has been launched in the Pacific Northwest.

The line has two salerm products: the salm facial mask, which comes in a tube and is available in a salm-mint flavor; and the salum bar, which has a salum-mantel fragrance.

Tano said the salteram facial scrub is a great face mask.

The salterampessage is a face cream.

The “salerm-mate” line will expand to three more locations this fall.

Tannenberg said the company hopes to offer more products in salerm-mint and salum bars this fall and beyond.

Tanya O’Connor, owner of Beauty Insider, a cosmetics brand in Los Angeles, said she has been getting a lot of questions about the new salerm lines from people in her area.

She has been working with Salerm Cosmetica in Portland and said it is a new experience to see what is being offered in the Portland area.

O’CONNOR / SALEDEM, WashingtonSalerm products are now available in several stores in the region.

One of the new locations is in the Northwest Portland area, said Brand New Beauty manager Amy Kallum.

“This is a really good way to give people something new to try,” she said.

Kallamp said she hopes people are looking forward to the new line.TALLINNE / WAUKESHA, WashingtonThe brand is expanding the Salerm range of salerams to the Puget Sound area.

Tallinne Salerm Beauty, a cosmetic line with a saleram-based makeup line, is expanding its sales to Washington state.

The company will launch a Salerm-Matic line this fall in Washington state, and there are plans to expand to Oregon and California next year, said Kalline.

“We want to expand our sales in the Pugeteens to other parts of the country,” she added.

“The Saleram range is a terrific addition to our portfolio,” said Tallinne