What to do if your makeup is not as cute as you thought

The most recent trends and trends are coming from cosmetics companies and brands that have made headlines for their cruelty-free products.

Here are some of the biggest winners. 


Tarte Cosmetics: Tartarise, the name of this brand is catchy.

Tarte is an all-natural and vegan brand that features vegan cosmetics. 


Aquafabulous Cosmetics (Tarte’s parent company): AquaFabulous, Aquafabhism is a cruelty-FREE brand that has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter and is the brand that started the craze for cruelty-Free makeup. 


Balmain Cosmetics – Balmans are a cruelty free brand that was the first to go vegan in 2014. 


Sephora: SepHora is a cosmetic brand that focuses on making products cruelty- free. 


Eyeshadow Cosmetics : Emshadow is a vegan cosmetic brand that’s the first cruelty- FREE cosmetics company to be in the top 100 cruelty-friendly brands. 


Creamy Couture: Creme Couture is a brand that is known for using natural ingredients to create its cosmetics.

It’s known for shaping cosmetics to look like a rainbow of colors. 


Mamadou Creme Couturie: Mambadou is known as the most ethical cruelty-conscious brand in the world. 8. 

NARS: Nars Cosmetics is known to be cruelty-less and has been named as the most ethical brand in 2017 by the Cornerstone of Cosmetics. 


Beneath Art: This is a popular makeup brand that is known as a beauty brand that does not use animal products. 


Hudson Valley Beauty: The HVBB is a high-end beauty brand that uses natural ingredients and has a pro-ethical logo. 


Dolce &Gabbana: D>Gabby is a very popular beauty brand. 


Sakura: Saki is a Japanese brand that creates beautiful cosmetics with cruelty- and human rights inspections. 


Glamour: Glimmer is a beauty brand known for using vegan and cruelty-neutral products.

The glamour brand is known for their love for beautiful products and is known to be a vegan companion to Brasil. 14. L’Oréal: L&amp=&amp%H&amp%;a&amp&amp’;l&amp:l</a is a company that uses natural products and has an all natural logos. 


Zara: Zarina is a top seller in the beauty industry. 16. 

NYX: NYx is a luxury brand that  has a cruelty-negative logoS. 17. 

MAC: MAC is a product company that uses ethical logistics and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post. 


Kate Moss: Kate’s has been mentioned in the New York Times and New Yorker. 


Urban Decay: Urban-Dee is a cosmetics brand that offers cruelty- &amp!human rights products.


Laura Mercier: Laura’s is a favorite brand in cosmetics. The brand is known for its cruelty-&amp!humane logOS and is known by the name Laura M to celebrate Laura and Laura. 


Alisa &amp ; Moi: Alissa &; Moi is a fashion and makeup brand based in Hong Kong that has a vegan logO and cruelty free logS. 


Benefit Cosmetics &amp  : Benefit Cosmetics has been cruelty- Free since 2011. 



Crew: J Crew has been cruelty-Safe since 2009. 

24. K.beauty: Kbeauty has continued to make cruelty-favoring products in 2017. 


Puma: Pumas are known for their cruelty free products.

They’ve also been featured in The New York Times and The Washington Post.


Vogue: Vivienne Westwood is known in the cosmetics industry for her passion for cruelty free makeup. 27. Wend