When the world needs to change, look no further than cosmetics

By James StokesThe Guardian 26 March 2016, 11:13:37I know this is a long post but I just wanted to share a few of the things I noticed in my first week on the job as a chemist at a cosmetics factory.

The key things were: 1.

I wasn’t alone.

I had the support of a team of scientists, managers and technicians.

They have been very patient with me.

I’ve had people calling me to ask how I’m doing.

They’ve been there for me from the very beginning and are constantly watching my progress.

They are my best friend and it makes me feel like I’m helping their business too.


I’m taking my own advice.

I decided to take a look at my personal chemistry kit and decide if I was ready to become a chemist.

I bought a kit with a kit that was a good start and had a good chemistry teacher.

That way, I’d know what to look for and be able to identify products that could help me in the future.

It’s a good idea, I’ve found, to try to learn everything about the chemistry of your own product.

If it’s the same product you’re using, you’re probably doing it wrong and you need to change your routine to get the most out of your products.


I was encouraged by the quality of my product.

I noticed that some of the ingredients in the kit were labelled with scientific names and other times they were not.

Sometimes it seemed as though the chemist was not sure which ingredient he was using.

This made me feel good about using the kit and I’m confident it will help me when I start working there.


I realised that there were some ingredients that were not listed on the labels.

This could be a big plus for me as a new chemist as I would know where the ingredients are.


I saw that I needed to be aware of the products that I was using and not just rely on the ingredients on the label.

I used to think I knew everything about products but I wasn.

I’d read about things that weren’t on the packaging but were still found in the products I was working with.

This has definitely changed and I use a lot of products that are made from different ingredients.


I learned how to make products I could really trust.

When I started I was not comfortable with some of my products and they took some getting used to.

They took some time to develop but it was worth it because I was able to use them for what they were meant to be used for.


I have had a few friends in the industry tell me I’ve got it right.

It took some work to get to where I am now but I feel much more confident in my products, which have given me a boost in confidence.


I feel like my life is changing.

The people I work with have made my job a little easier, the chemicals I’m working with are more natural and I feel more at home.