How to buy a new mascara at O.G. cosmetics store

I recently purchased an O.g. cosmetics product, which is a mascara with a unique brush and applicator.

I’m used to buying mascara from a department store, so I didn’t mind buying a new product.

But I soon realized I couldn’t use it because it was too expensive.

After a lot of searching, I finally found an online seller that sells O. g. cosmetics mascara at a discount.

My eyes are already starting to dry and irritated, but I’m willing to spend more money than I would have.

What I’m buying is the O. cg cosmetic mascara.

This mascara has a unique applicator that doesn’t take up too much space.

It also has a long, bristly brush that’s made of gel.

I used the wand for about 10 minutes and was amazed at how thin it felt.

A quick touch up on the wand is all it takes.

The bristles are strong and the brush is not too big.

Since I am a huge fan of O. G. cosmetics, I decided to buy this mascara because it looks good on me and it’s affordable.

While this mascara was advertised as “flamboyant,” it doesn’t have the same flamboyant appeal as some other mascara. 

It has a very matte finish that makes it easier to remove the mascara from your eyes and prevent the lashes from clumping together.

O. cgs makeup is also known for its “fiery red and green” mascaras.

Both of these mascarases are made from alcohol, which can irritate your eyes.

That said, I was able to remove this mascara easily and was very pleased with my purchase.