Kylie Cosmetics launches brand new natural products

Kylie cosmetics is releasing a new line of natural products, including cosmetics from hard candy cosmetics company Coloured Raine, according to the brand’s Twitter account.

The new line will launch at the end of January. 

Coloured Rain contains a variety of natural cosmetics including natural colourings, colouring powders, lipsticks, lipglosses, lip glosses with a range of colour tones, lip balms, scrubs, cleansers, and more.

The brand is also launching a new natural fragrance, “Gardenia,” and a new colouring spray, “Red Rose.”

In addition, Kylie Cosmetica is launching a brand new natural cosmetics line.

The line includes natural makeup, skincare, natural hair, body products, and natural hair accessories. 

Kym has also launched a new natural cosmetics line for women.

Kylia Cosmetics is a beauty brand founded in 2016 by Kim Kardashian West, and includes beauty brands Colourful, Natural, Natural Hair, and Kym Cosmetics.

According to the Kanye West Instagram account, Colored Raine is the brand of Kye.