The best jobs in 2018

The top five jobs in America in 2018, according to a survey by Recode.

The data also revealed the top five most important things to keep in mind for employees and companies in 2018.


The Most Important Thing to Keep in Mind When Setting Up a New CompanyIn 2018, it was clear that new companies are looking to hire employees that have a proven track record in the industry, with an understanding of the company’s needs and capabilities.

That means the most important thing to keep to yourself is the title of your company and the type of role you want to fill.

The top five companies with the most employees with experience in their respective fields are Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.2. 

The Most Important Things to Keep In Mind When Selling Products to Your EmployeesWhen it comes to selling products to your employees, it is important to be specific with what you’re selling.

Companies that are hiring for sales and marketing roles should avoid selling products that are overpriced, overhyped or overly complicated.

This is especially true if you’re in a sales-oriented role, such as a salesperson.3. 

Top 5 Companies with the Most Customer Service and Quality of Life employeesAt the same time, employees need to know what they’re getting when they sign up for a new service, and they need to understand how to find the best possible services to suit their needs.

That is why companies like Apple have the best customer service teams in the world.4. 

Most Important Things Companies Should Keep inmind when Selling to Their EmployeesThe top 10 companies with employee engagement are Apple (6), Amazon (5), Google (5) and Facebook (4).5. 

What to Expect When You Start Your New BusinessIn 2018 the most common questions employees asked themselves in the first few months of a new company were “What will this company look like in 10 years?”, “Will this company ever be profitable?”, “What is the future of my business?”, and “What are the biggest challenges?”.

 A new business doesn’t exist overnight.

This survey helps businesses understand the most crucial things that they need for their employees and their customers in order to create the most sustainable businesses for the long-term.