What’s going on with the sale of $100+ bottles of makeup?

In short, you may want to save up to $100 on your favorite brands when they start to sell in bulk.

But for those who already have an existing supply of the same items, these are a great opportunity to upgrade your collection.

The best deals from the past month include: Aurora Cosmetics – $35.79 for a 2oz bottle of foundation and blush (free shipping) L’Oreal – $25.59 for a 10oz bottle (free USPS shipping) and L’Oréal – $24.29 for a 20oz bottle.

The $35-$49 mark is the top mark for the month, with the rest going to the cheapest and priciest brands. 

Sephora Beauty – $39.99 for a full sized set of concealer (free postage) Glam Affair – $59.99 for a set of blush, contour, eye liner, lip balm and eye shadow (free postal shipping) Lush – $19.99 ($15 shipping) for a set and $29.99($22 shipping) per 1.5mL of liquid (free postage) Urban Decay – $29.59 for the Femme Fatale collection (free US shipping)Lush Beauty – $19.49 ($15 postage) for the Chocolate Covered Collection (free international shipping)The good news is that you can save up for the full-sized set, blush, eye liners, lipsticks, and concealer you’ll want. 

UrbanDude also has a great post highlighting the top 20 cosmetics brands to buy at your local Sephora and makeup store this month. 

The bad news is, if you’re already a Sephor user, you can’t get the full sets anymore, so you may have to save some money on other items if you already have a ton of items in your collection (like lipsticks).

If you want to get a full set of makeup, though, you’ll have to get more expensive items.

For example, if you want to have a full collection, you should consider Cherise, Lily Pulitzer, Bodysnatchers, Aurelia and NARS.

These three are the three best-selling brands, and if you get Cherry (Lily’s Lipstick, $25), you should get at least Lilac (Bodyscarte, $18), Coconut (Aurelian, $19), Lemonade (Baelyn, $17), Tartus (Pamela, $24) and  Truffle (Maggie, $20).

If all of these items are on sale, you’re likely to save a few bucks. 

 The bottom line is, though these are not the best-value brands, the best brands in terms of sheer beauty are definitely worth the price of admission. 

As you can see, these top-tier brands can often be found for a reasonable price, and you should also consider the more affordable ones, especially if you have a limited budget. 

If you have the money to splurge, though you may not want to use it on makeup, these brands can be used to buy more expensive products if you want more bang for your buck.