What’s next for the boris cosmetic brand?

Theboris cosmetics has had a busy few years.

The brand has a brand new fragrance for the summer, the brand was recently acquired by LVMH, and now it’s launching its first skin cream, the bori Beauty.

It also recently partnered with beauty brand, Bora Bora, and is looking to expand beyond the beauty niche.

The cosmetics company is looking for a head of makeup and is also looking to partner with a beauty brand for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Thebori Beauty is currently in the process of expanding into the cosmetics world and it’s looking to work with a cosmetics company to help build its business.

We talked to Boris Cosmetics about the brand’s future, the brands plans for expansion, and what’s next.

What was the original vision behind the brand?

Theboris Cosmetics started out in 1999 as a family run cosmetics brand.

The name ‘Boris’ refers to the beautiful island of Bora in the east of the island of Croatia.

The company has always been about beauty and is about using nature to achieve its vision of beauty.

Why the name?

I wanted to give back to the world and to give it beauty, not just beauty, beauty that’s not meant to be a commodity, but beauty that you use everyday, to be your own skin.

It’s a lifestyle.

The first name is a portmanteau of ‘bori’ and ‘beauty’.

What do you have to say about that?

Boris has been a big supporter of the conservation movement in Croatia since its inception.

It was also the first brand to use eco-friendly packaging.

It has also been a pioneer in the cosmetics industry in the country.

It is a brand with a lot of experience in skin care.

How will this expand to the cosmetics business?

I’m not sure how the cosmetics brand will evolve.

I think it will expand to a lot more things than skin care, because of its focus on beauty and the products.

We have always tried to make the cosmetics as good as the skin care in terms of ingredients and performance.

I’m not saying it’s a bad cosmetics brand, but there are so many other brands that have really good skin care and we are really proud to be the first ones to put the ingredients in.

It will also allow us to work more closely with the beauty industry, and I think we will also continue to work closely with beauty brands.

What’s your strategy for the next year?

We are in the midst of a very busy time.

We are launching a new fragrance in the fall, and we also are going to launch a new cosmetics brand with our brand in the autumn.

We really want to expand and work on other areas of our business.

Will there be more cosmetics products in the future?

We have been looking for products for a while now.

We want to explore other areas, including a new skin cream for winter.

Can you tell us about that project?

In the spring of 2018 we started working with a cosmetic company called Bora Bara Bora.

We wanted to use Bora brand ingredients and be able to give our skin a more natural and balanced look.

We also wanted to work on a new beauty brand called Bori Beauty, which is a collaboration with LVMHI.

What did you do with Bora Beauty?

We partnered with Lvmh to launch our own beauty brand.

We created the brand to focus on natural and sustainable products, with an emphasis on the ingredients that we use in the products we use.

The Bori cosmetics brand is an extension of this concept.

Can I expect to see Bori products in stores or will they be limited to just cosmetics?

We hope so, because we want to work in a way that is sustainable.

I don’t want people to be thinking about buying cosmetic products because they feel like they can buy more than they should.

There are many other cosmetics brands out there that have fantastic products.

I hope to be able also to work together with the cosmetics company in the coming years.

How did you end up partnering with LVHI?

We worked closely with LVS for two years, and it was a natural partnership.

LVMHK is a great brand that has a lot to offer.

What kind of relationship do you see with LVR?LVMHK and BORIS are close, but we have been working on the brands together for two and a half years.

What does this mean for you?

The brand is still a family-run business and we believe in having a partnership with a well-known brand that’s been working in the beauty field for years.

We’ve also been working with LVC, which also has a strong presence in the skin and skin care industries.

We’ll be able more easily work together and expand our business, so it’s not like we are just launching a brand.

What can I expect in the years ahead?

We want to grow and expand the brand