How Rebecca Cosmetics came to dominate the beauty world

Rebecca Cosmes is a beauty entrepreneur.

She started her company, Rebecca Cosme, with her mother, and it grew into a global company with products like foundation, lip balm, nail polish, eyeliner and more.

When Rebecca was a teen, she started her own nail polish brand.

She went on to create a line of lip glosses and a line that sold products for women who wanted to take their makeup off for a more natural look.

“It’s about using ingredients that are natural,” she says.

“I’m very interested in finding the ingredients that really work for you and the ingredients you want to use.”

That’s why, for many years, the company used only natural ingredients.

“When we started this business, I used to tell my mom, ‘We’ve got to be careful with natural ingredients, because they’re just so expensive,'” she says, laughing.

“The problem with a lot of natural ingredients is that they’re all high in estrogen.”

“The beauty industry, in the United States, has become so saturated with ingredients, that it has become extremely expensive,” says Andrea Zell, an associate professor of marketing at Rutgers University.

She says that, as a result, brands like Rebecca Cosmos and Revlon are struggling to find ways to be more affordable for women.

Zell says that while women can often afford to spend more money on beauty products, their bodies are still not accustomed to using them.

“You’re spending more money and more energy to make your makeup, and that can make you feel better,” she said.

“But your body doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything else.”

In addition to using natural ingredients to make their products, Rebecca and her husband also use a number of natural products to help them get through the day.

“We’re not looking to be the world’s greatest skin care company,” Rebecca says.

She uses the company’s “Scentless Beauty” and “Soothing Oil” moisturizers, as well as a line called “My Way” that uses the natural ingredients of a Brazilian palm tree.

“If you don’t use any products that are organic, it can make your skin feel really gross and gross and greasy,” she explains.

“Our skin is really sensitive, so we want to find the natural products that help our skin feel better and feel healthy and feel comfortable.”

Rebecca says that she wants to change that perception and change the way we see ourselves and the way women are perceived.

“As a woman, if you see yourself as a perfect person, you’re probably not going to have a good life,” she points out.

“There’s so many barriers in our society, that we are expected to be perfect.

That’s not who we are.”

It also doesn’t help that there are many beauty products that have become popular.

“For me, I think natural is the way to go,” Rebecca said.

But what about a new trend in beauty that is more in line with a woman’s self-image?

Rebecca says she’s excited to be working with her friends at Urban Decay to create “I Love You, Rebecca” collection.

The collection will feature more natural products and products made with ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil.

“My dream is to be able to make a brand that’s inclusive to all women, not just beauty-conscious women,” she explained.

“That’s something I think that is really important.

You can be the best beauty product, but you can’t be the only product.”

She said that while her business will feature products from other companies, she wants the brand to be a part of the conversation around beauty.

“With all of these new products, we want everyone to be proud of who they are,” she added.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘I don’t know why I should be a product owner.’

So I want to take that back.”

In the future, Rebecca says her goal is to start a company that offers women the tools they need to find products that they love, and to also provide women with the resources they need.

“Women need to have access to products that really do work for them, and they need the tools to be successful and have a life that is beautiful,” she concludes.

“Because I want women to feel comfortable and beautiful, I want them to be empowered.

I want a lot more women to be on the journey, to be creating their own lives, and be successful in that.”