How to choose a lipstick, or even the best mascara?

Toribelle Cosmetics is known for its high-quality makeup, but sometimes their mascaras and lipsticks are pretty basic.

The best mascarabas are worth the price tag, but they’re not always worth the money.

If you want to see the best mascars, check out the top 10 mascaracias in 2017.


Bobbi Brown Lipstick with Satin Finish Bobbi is a popular choice for everyday makeup, so she may be your only choice.

She’s a very sheer shade of pink with a satin finish that makes her look just like a regular lipstick.

The BobbiBrown lipstick is not a very good choice for darker lips, but you can easily find good shades for lighter lips.

The matte finish makes it feel really silky on the lips, and it blends really well.


Makeup Geek’s No. 5 Blush Makeup has a good shade of black, which is very wearable for a daytime look.

A matte finish, so it’s not quite as pigmented, but it’s easy to blend.


Aveda Colorstay Lipstick is a great choice for the daytime look, especially if you have a darker lips.

It’s a matte shade of gray with a black sheen.

It has a very natural look, and blends very well.


MakeUp Geek’s Matte Lipstick has a matte finish that blends well, but the finish is a little too sheer for some skin tones.


Chanel No. 2 Lipstick in Rose Gold (No. 5) Chanel makes some of their lipsticks with matte finishes, but I found No. 4 to be more comfortable for my skin tone.

This matte shade is not quite matte enough for my lips, so I found it too sheer.

I would recommend the No. 3 lipsticks for more muted colors, and No. 6 for more gold-toned shades.


L’Oreal Lipstick (No 1) I have a dark lip and this lipstick has a really matte finish.

It looks natural on me and blends well.

It has a nice, satin-sheen finish, which makes it easier to apply.

I also like that the formula is lightweight, and that the lipstick is a matte.


MAC No. 1 Matte Lip Stick (No 2) This is a nice matte finish for a matte lipstick.

It feels silky-smooth and blends easily.

It is very pigmented and blends great on my lips.


Bobble Brown Lipgloss Bobble Brown lipsticks tend to be a little more pigmented than MAC lipsticks, so this one looks more natural on my skin.

It does have a matte, but not as smooth, finish.


Laura Mercier Lipglitter Laura Mercier lipsticks look more natural with a matte lip, so the shade is slightly more muted.


MAC Matte Lipsticks (No 3) The Matte Lip Gloss is a slightly more piglit matte than the MAC Lipglitters.


MAC Lipsticks The MAC Lipstick looks like a lot more natural for me, and is a much more matte shade.


MAC Glitter (No 4) MAC lipsticks usually have a satiny finish, but this is a more muted matte.

It blends well and lasts longer than the matte shades.


MAC Eyeshadow in Chocolate (No 5) The shade looks a bit more matte than MAC Lipcolor in Chocolate, but that doesn’t bother me much.


MAC Metallic Lipstick MAC Metallic lipsticks have a metallic finish, and this one doesn’t look as good on me. 15.

Bobbie Brown Lipsticks with Satiny Finish Bobbie Brown lipgloss is a bit matte, so you may need to use a matte gloss to get a nice satiny-pink look.

I find that the lip gloss is a lot easier to blend than MAC glosses.


MAC Glossy Matte Lipglip (No 6)  MAC glossy lipsticks often have a Satin finish, similar to MAC gloss lipsticks.

This one has a satinite matte finish and it’s very piglike, so for my sensitive lips it looks best on my lid.


Bobbies matte lipsticks (no number listed) Bobbies matte lipstick is often listed as a No. 7 lipstick, but its more like No. 12 or No. 14 in the list below.


Make Up Geek’s Colorstay Matte Lipglass Make Up Geek makes a lot of matte lipglasses.

They are always very pig-resistant and they don’t need to be applied with a lip brush.


Bobbins Matte Lip Lipstick I really like the Bobbines matte lipstick.

It comes in two finishes, and