Ulta cosmetics launches new line with new colors and packaging – Reuters

Ulta is introducing new colors, new packaging and more.

The cosmetics company on Thursday launched new lines in its Ulta Beauty line, including new shades for the brand’s popular eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner and nail polish.

It is also launching the brand in a new packaging, new shadows and new packaging.

It will include three new colors: A, B and C, according to a press release.

The new lines include a blush, mascara and eye shadow.

They will be available in six shades each, according the press release, which also notes that the new colors will be in five of the six shade lines.

It also announced a new nail polish and eye-shadow palette for the cosmetics brand, which it said will feature new shades.

The brand also announced it will launch the brand at the Ulta Fashion Show in New York on April 16.

It’s also adding the brand to its digital collection.

Ulta has previously partnered with the fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan, on its online store.

The company’s cosmetics range, which includes a wide range of skin care products, was launched in 2011 and now encompasses over 800 brands and brands of cosmetics and fragrance, as well as fragrances and fragrance-based beauty products.

The launch comes after a string of recent events, including the resignation of Ulta CEO, Angela Bassett. 

In August, Bassett announced her retirement and the departure of the chief executive, Scott Jurek.