What you need to know about Gucci Beauty Bag #1

The Gucci cosmetics bag, the first product in the collection to come from the Gucci factory, is made up of more than 150 items that have been individually hand-picked to create the ultimate Gucci look. 

“I love that they don’t sell things for the masses,” said Lauren Hill, a fashion blogger for the brand.

“I want to be able to buy the right thing for me.” 

While the first batch of products is not available for preorder, Hill said the company plans to sell the bags in limited numbers, with prices starting at $200 and rising to $300 in December. 

Hill also said Gucci will launch a website to showcase the new bags, which will have a new look, different colors, and larger colors available. 

The Gucci Cosmetics Bag #2, the second in the Guccis collection, will be available in limited quantities starting at only $175. 

On a larger scale, Gucci recently launched its own line of accessories that will sell for $20 each, starting at an estimated price of $350. 

Gucci Cosms are available at Gucci stores, online, and at Gucci retail stores. 

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